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Posted By: Rick Fielding
11-Mar-03 - 11:58 AM
Thread Name: Happy 100th -- Bix Beiderbecke Today!
Subject: RE: Happy 100th -- Bix Beiderbecke Today!
Well I just took your advice, went to REDHOTJAZZ and listened to "I'm Coming Virginia", RiverBoat Shuffle and "Singin' The Blues" for the millionth time. Oh Lord, could he DRIVE a band!

Went to the "Fives" and played "My Heart". Then "Savoy Blues"...oh man, WHAT a band! Listen to Johnnie St Cyr backin' up Lonnie Johnson.....if that's not where I got my ideas about bass lines I'd be surprised (My mum had the 'Hot Five' album at home) Listen to that's like Leadbelly...It's Lillian and St Cyr playin together and they just CRUNCH it!

Ya know, I love Rachmaninov, Huddie, Pete, The Weavers (so glad yer here Frank) Ewan, and all the blues guys..... but if I could be SOMEWHERE for one night.....

It would be one of those nights that Bix and Louis jammed together for hours.

I'll stop burbling now!