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Posted By: treewind
26-Feb-03 - 01:54 PM
Thread Name: Recording a vocal ensemble
Subject: RE: Recording a vocal ensemble
I's use my Neumann KM184's because I have them, or possibly the AKG bluelines because they will work with a 12 volt battery box I built for them... but for "good-enough-to-play-in-public-but-not-for-sale recordings" to quote from the original message the Sony stereo mic designed to go with minidisc recorders is more than good enough, and it will continue to be a useful workhorse on-location mic if you ever want to do it again.

And minidisc is the only sensible option for recording media, and possibly for playback too, either that or CD.

As for mixers....

The traditional old technique for stereo with 3 omnidirectional mics placed and panned left centre and right with a mixer could produce a wonderful sound with a big choir. You'd need to experiment with mic positions and you need a room with a good acustic because that setup will pick up the whole lot.

... but realistically I'd stick to a stereo mic or crossed pair on a boom stand as high as it will go. That should do it. Still experiment with mic position - it makes a lot of difference.