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Posted By: NicoleC
26-Feb-03 - 12:18 PM
Thread Name: Recording a vocal ensemble
Subject: RE: Recording a vocal ensemble
I'd either:

a) Stereo mic from above (about a 30-45 degree angle up depending on the room) with a pair of matched cardiod mics. A pair of U-87's would be my first choice, but C414's or even the newer AKG condensors (C-1000?) would work fine. Thusfar I am not impressed with the mics they sell for mini-discs with an 1/8" jack.
b) in a room with nice slightly lively acoustics like a church or theater
c) either into a mixer and out to digital media (minidisc, etc.) or straight to DAT/CDR/pro minidisc tape if you are very careful about levels. It may take a couple of takes, but it will be cheaper and easier. I suggest a pro unit to avoid losing quality by adapting down from the XLR plugs to the little 1/8" jack on the minidisc recorders.

Or do all the same in a studio and add room reverb to your taste later. Personally, if the chorus is really good and the room is really good, I think option #1 will sound better (and will be cheaper) than fake reverb later. (And good choruses somehow sing to the room...)