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Posted By: pattyClink
26-Feb-03 - 10:40 AM
Thread Name: Recording a vocal ensemble
Subject: Recording a vocal ensemble
Need advice from people who make good-enough-to-play-in-public-but-not-for-sale recordings. A local museum would like an audio tape or disc of my song about the whale dig we did last year. It's to play on a continuous loop, apparently along with a slide show.

I've got a men's chorus of 25-30 guys interested in singing it. It's a whaling song with 7 verses and a big booming chorus which will be done in 4 part harmony. The verses will probably be done by one big lead voice and soft chord-humming underneath.

Anyway. I used to use a portatone to make my own rough recordings but I don't have one anymore and apparently used ones are hard to find. What I really need is somebody with portable equipment who can come do a demo-quality field recording of these guys in a church hall or whatever.

What do I say to track down this person/equipment? Any buzzwords I should use?   Should I see if the museum can get a 'real' studio involved in a donate-time capacity or is that going to be more grief than it's worth?