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Posted By: Sam L
22-Feb-03 - 10:47 PM
Thread Name: Why are some instruments slated?
Subject: RE: Why are some instruments slated?
Damn it my post won't take, so I'll try again.

Zany Mouse please come to the Devil's AdvoCats thread and defend your unloved instrument. I play guitar, like everybody and his brother, and actually me and also my brother, and since it is so ridiculously popular I feel I have to defend it by loving it's faults instead of it's virtues.
   It's untunable and afflicted with redundant overlapping possibilities for playing the same notes. It's flawed like the scope of human endeavor, limited, confused, not sensible, imperfect. It's like Kafka's Great wall of China. Can be loved even when it doesn't love you back, and in spite of it's lack of innocence, and that it has known better lovers, however dirty it is, despite that it's a whore and a porn star, you dream idealistic dreams about it's purity. It's like Gogol's Nevsky Avenue, an illusion of something better than the truth. It's the best we can do, and that's good enough (trademark Gibson). Please for the love of god defend your unloved instrument.