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Posted By: Les from Hull
22-Feb-03 - 03:45 PM
Thread Name: Why are some instruments slated?
Subject: RE: Why are some instruments slated?
I'm just reinforcing Cluin's very wise comments here. Any instrument can be played well or badly. Perhaps the ones that people think that look 'easy' are the worse culprits. We put up with bad playing to a certain extent because we remember when we couldn't play very well ourselves.

My advice to people with a 'hated' instrument is - if you can't play well, play quietly. Talk to others about your playing. I've yet to meet the 'folkie' who won't pass on his/her knowledge and experience.

Perhaps the instruments that people want to play are possibly the ones that can often sound loud (bodhrans, accordians, melodeons, banjos, guitars). But you can play them all quietly.

Before I bought an acoustic bass guitar, I used to use an electric with a 12v battery amp in sessions. That's a scary combination to take into a session! But you control the volume, remember that. I can be so quiet that you can just about hear it.

We've had many threads about too many guitars, too many bodhrans, too many whatevers. They make sense. But the real problem is that the tune player (or the singer) should be in control. Don't let the accomanpaniment dominate.

The one instrument I play that I consider to be really easy is bouzouki (tuned GDAD) - not too loud, capable of playing tunes or accompaniment. I think it could be an ideal beginner instrument (except perhaps for the cost).