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Posted By: Ebbie
22-Feb-03 - 03:32 PM
Thread Name: Why are some instruments slated?
Subject: RE: Why are some instruments slated?
McGrath, the other night I looked around and discovered that we had 4 guitars, 4 fiddles, 3 mandolins and one banjo going. It was a great sound. Of course, the guitar players differed in their approaches and one was capoed and one sat out quite a few of the tunes (although it's not a big deal, I don't like to join in when a singer accompanying him/herself on the guitar is playing- they almost always have a sound they're trying to accomplish, and I think it's more difficult for it to be heard when others join in.)

In our group when someone is doing a song, everyone backs way off. And sometimes when one person is presenting a new song s/he is still working on, he'll say something like, You might want not to play along on this, I don't know what the the chords will be yet. And everyone puts their instruments at rest and just listens. Did I mention that we have nice people?

Personally I think it's just as displeasing to pat/thump a bongo to practically every tune as having a bodhran rumbling. Neither one is appropriate for every kind of tune- and I know more talented bodhran players than I do drum thumpers.