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Posted By: catspaw49
17-Feb-03 - 02:09 PM
Thread Name: Christopher Guest Film 'A Mighty Wind'
Subject: RE: Christopher Guest Film 'A Mighty Wind'
LMAO!! This one looks like another winner and like El Swanno said, the "usual suspects." I'm glad to see both Jane Lynch and especially John Michael Higgins back for another one as well. The cast is always what makes these movies and Guest knows it. To be able to totally develop a character and write your own stuff.

I find myself looking for the "Guest Crowd" in other movies. Some of them like Ed Begley Jr. or Fred Willard and Michael McKean are well known generally, but I get a kick out of finding all of these wacko things with Parker Posey or seeing Jennifer Coolidge's patented bimbo character in "Legally Blonde."

The trailer is great.....I think they really have the era and the college-folk thing down from the looks of it.