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Posted By: Genie
15-Feb-03 - 05:37 AM
Thread Name: Getting nursing home gigs
Subject: RE: Getting nursing home gigs
Marion, I had the same reaction the first couple dozen times an A D handed me cash right in front of the residents right after I played and sang for them. Nobody else (nurses, cooks, aides, etc.) gets paid for their services right after they provide them, and I do think it may detract from the beeeenefits the residents derive from the music. While I never pretend to be doing my music as a volunteer, I think that being handed cash right after I finish singing sort of says to the residents, "Don't forget, folks, she only comes to see you because we pay her."

I do think they should at least put the money into an envelope and hand you the envelope.

That said, though, I've got to admit that this practice is so common that I'm hardly fazed by it any more. (At least it keeps me from having to spend 15 minutes after my program tracking down someone to pay me.) And residents in general seem to be quite accustomed to seeing their entertainers paid by the A D.

If it does bother you, though, I see no harm in asking the A. D. to pay you outside the room or at least keep the money in an envelope.