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Posted By: Kim C
13-Feb-03 - 10:17 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: favorite southern US expression
Subject: RE: Folklore: favorite southern US expression
Ah bleeve it's comin up a rain.

I have read the expression "crazier 'n owl shit" somewhere before.

My friend Howard, who is originally from Mississippi, likes to use the word "fantods." I don't know that it's particularly Southern, but it is somewhat old-fashioned. It sounds like a digestive ailment, but what it really is, is a case of the willies.

I like the word "ain't." I use it often, because I can, dammit. I also frequently disagree my subject and verb, on purpose. I do know better, thank you, but in informal conversation, I really don't care. That don't mean I ain't halfway smart. The college down yonder give me a piece of paper that says so.