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Posted By: TNDARLN
12-Feb-03 - 11:12 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: favorite southern US expression
Subject: RE: Folklore: favorite southern US expression
Shoot yeah, Dave-- Daddy said that all the time!

He also talks about "going about his ratkilling..." [which I've never heard anywhere else]

...and the term "sigh foggin'" from an old joke [I think] meaning loosely, that since you can't get there in a straight line, you have to "sigh fogg" [accent first syllable] or, put another way, the path is as crooked as a dawg's hin' leg. Or did I say that bass-ackwards?

Here's another: my Grandmother useta' talk about stinky things as being a "kee yarny" mess...Daddy thinks that comes from "carrion", but I'd love to hear that there's an old Scots phrase similar to it.

What about "flatter'n a flitter"? After I run over hit wi' my four wheeler, that 'possum was flatter'n a flitter.

And from my h.s. physics teacher, "you're a lost ball in high weeds"- he was an onery cuss....

I'll speak my Southern English as natural as I please........!