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Posted By: Bill D
19-Jun-99 - 10:56 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat Album-New pics!
Subject: RE: Mudcat Album-New pics!
yep...I need to figure out a way to do that clearly...trouble is, the give you three ..that's (3)! 'links' per page...I can hide more in the text beside a picture, but that was not my prefered way..(though I did in a couple of places).. I will draw myself a map of the site and see if I can make ir all clearer...(the real solution still being to learn to create a real page and upload it as a unit...(they do allow for that if you know what you are doing)..[the other real solution is to let a brillant 17 year old..*wink*...take it over and whip it into shape..] real problem is that REAL LIFE this summer is demanding too much of me. I know that once I get past the first big hump in the learning curve, I will say.."Oh, is THAT all there is to it?"..........(one of my parlor tricks is to walk into someone's house and program their VCR without reading the manual...I've wondered if folks would pay money to see me a magician making a 747 disappear)

anyway...we shall see...(and I really will scan those pics of Max, Bert, etc. soon)