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Posted By: Nerd
27-Jan-03 - 01:31 PM
Thread Name: Child Ballad CD Rom?
Subject: RE: Child Ballad CD Rom?
Hi folks, I've seen the product, and it's excellent. Yes, the notes are searchable, and the edition has several other useful features. For example, unlike the Loomis House editions, the pagination of the original is maintained, so you can use citations from previous scholarship. But, since it's digital, the "additions and corrections" section on each ballad is linked to the main entry, so there's no more searching through four or five books for the version or the notes that you want. The gazeteer is a really neat feature, and has entailed new original research into where the heck a lot of these obscure place-names might be. The point person on that was Heather Wood (of Young Tradition fame).

The CD, despite your understandable skepticism, is indeed new, previously unreleased versions of songs from folk revival heavy-hitters like Martin Carthy and Jean Ritchie. There's an unreleased recording of Fairport doing "Sir Patrick Spens," for example. They plan to use field recordings on some of their later issues, such as the Bertrand Bronson, Cecil Sharp and Frank and Ann Warner collections.

Right now, the holdup is the maps. They are working fast, and plan to have beta-versions out in a couple of days and the final product soon thereafter--next month, I should think.

The Midi tunes that are included are just the ones that Child published in his Volume X. They can be played or imported into composition software for arranging, etc.

BTW, I'm not an employee or investor in Heritage Muse. I'm a journalist and folklorist working on an article about the project, hence have interviewed the relevant folks.