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24-Jan-03 - 06:59 PM
Thread Name: Nadia Cattouse - whatever happened to?
Subject: RE: NADIA CATTOUSE - whatever happened to?
Nadia Cattouse sings "Red and Green Christmas" on "Club Folk Voluume 1" and "B.C. People" and "All Around My Grandmother's Floor" on "Club Folk Volume 2" (Peg Records, PS2 and PS3, both 1972).

Mention is made in a previous posting (Big Tim 7.4.2002) of a line of hers "We musn't spoil the tellyvee [sic]"!

I seem to remember the verse in a song about the commercialisation of Christmas (so what's new?:

"There are no lights upon our Christmas Tree
We must not spoil the Telly-Vee
No party games, no mistletoe
Just whistle Wenceslas and out (?or off) you go"

(I can even remember the tune!). However I cannot remember whether it was sung by a man or woman, though if the latter it may have been Nadia Cattouse. There seemed to be much more folk on TV in the old days, eg Robin Hall and Jimmy McGregor, Julie Felix, Cy Grant, Shirley Abacur (may be mis-spelled), etc. ITV used to have a program with Wally Whyton and I think Bert Weedon (was this folk music - Fred wedlock's "With Bert Weedon's help one day I'll be the best" makes me think so. However I only remember it because there was a glove puppet called "Pussy Cat Willum" and we names our cat Willum after that. As Willum died in 1973 about the age of 13, it must have been about 1960 or so, and as we moved house in February 1961 but had the cat in our last house, this narrows it down somewhat. Seem to have got off the subject of Nadia Cattouse a bit, but perhaps this will stir a few memories!

I wonder if the surname rhymes with "ooze" rather than "house"?