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Posted By: bassen
22-Jan-03 - 11:02 AM
Thread Name: BS: Help! A SIMPLE Cornbread recipe please.
Subject: RE: BS: Help! A SIMPLE Cornbread recipe please.
SRS. Whoa, not my meaning atall! On the contrary, I'm enjoying this thread and hope to read much more. Sorry if my posting gave that impression.

A minor Scandinavian addendum to the corn bread saga:

I'm sittin' in the middle of Norway remembering my desperate attempts to make corn bread here in the early 70s with something they called "polentagryn". I finally got my US recipes adjusted to this stuff and amazed all the norskies with how good corn bread is. For years my standard (and demanded) fare at potluck suppers and parties was cornbread and chili. "Bring some of that good American bread" they'd say. Now it seems like everybody here makes chili (or they think they do...) but corn bread is still a rarity.