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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
21-Jan-03 - 12:08 AM
Thread Name: BS: Help! A SIMPLE Cornbread recipe please.
Subject: RE: BS: Help! A SIMPLE Cornbread recipe please.
I smoke turkeys, chicken, fish (salmon) regularly, but I use a Little Chief smoker. Though in theory you can leave something it it for so long and use so many pans of chips that it's very dark and finally cooked, my prefered technique is to smoke the poultry for two or three pans of chips then bake it the rest of the way in the oven. I'm more satisfied that it's really cooked (and we don't have to wait so long to eat it!). Salmon, that's much more involved. From when I buy the fish to when we eat it, a couple of days can pass. Making and using brine, then rinsing and letting it set up in the fridge (gets that shiny coating on it) and finally smoking. I usually bake it for a little while after I bring it in. I have some in the freezer now from my Christmas batch. I did two fish, one I did really strong, the other was milder. They both were great.