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Posted By: open mike
20-Jan-03 - 08:56 PM
Thread Name: BS: Help! A SIMPLE Cornbread recipe please.
Subject: RE: BS: Help! A SIMPLE Cornbread recipe please.
the fried green tomatoes reminded me of eggplant done in a similar way.
slice, dip in egg, cover with flour (or now i will try corn meal!)
and fry yum yum...
i also have those pans--called corn gem pans...
in the shape of cactus, and fish, as well as ears of corn.
best to pre-heat so the cakes cook quickly and
also form a crusty putside and come out of the pans better.
another corn-based meal is polenta--course corn meal
you can ;get it in little tubes now--looks lie sausage.
also made a pot of corn chowder the other day...
added frozen corn....
and a friend i know makes ther best corn relish--
with red pepper, vinegar, chow chow i think
another pan that is like the corn gem pan--
sort of--
is the Danish little donut holes
cast iron pan with little sperical depressions...
you turn them and take them out with a hat pin...