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Posted By: Deda
15-Jan-03 - 06:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: Join Dubyas Against Dubya
Subject: RE: BS: Join Dubyas Against Dubya
Well my weal name is Webecca -- so COUNT ME IN. Besides, I know someone named Willie -- so count me twice. I think our first order of business should be to secede from the union and start our own new Wepublic.

(In truth, I think the country is so polarized, and there is so much distrust, so much anger and sense of agrievement on both sides, that we might as well split the nation in two. I wouldn't mind having to move if I could live in an America that was not beholden to its farthest-right wing. Just give me a home where women are not reduced to seeking life-threatening back-alley abortions, and where cheap handguns are not considered every whacko's sacrosanct right-- just to name two of many issues.) But hey, as Garrison K likes to say, sure I'm a democrat, but I don't mean any harm by it.