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Posted By: harvey andrews
11-Jan-03 - 03:33 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: From the Heart (Harvey Andrews)
Subject: RE: I think I'm in love with Harvey Andrews
I've been thinking about "job" and "Jar" and I think it's the way an American ear hears the words as compared to a UK ear. In the UK we say "job" but in America it sounds more like "jaarb", so to a U.S ear jar would sound like jaarb without the b!
This of course works the other way round and i always listen to U.S cd's with the lyrics in front of me. In another hundred years will we have a common language?
No criticism intended by the way. I'm just hypothesising as i try hard not to sing with that awful mid-Atlantic accent so beloved of English pop artists from Elton John to whoever.