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Posted By: Naemanson
10-Jan-03 - 11:20 AM
Thread Name: BS: Veterans Would Mudcat hook you in today?
Subject: RE: BS: Veterans Would Mudcat hook you in today?
I agree, Amos. I have seen plenty of legitimate, fun posts from anonymous guests. And plenty of people who appreciate posts from the anonymous guests.

"...obsession with identities in Mudcat..." I am Naemanson. But I have news for you. That isn't my real name. There are a few Mudcatters who know me personally. For them I have a real identity. There are many who do not know me. For them I am just another voice typing in the wind. No one has asked me to reveal myself. Am I male or female, straight or gay, tall or short, heavy or thin, young or old, performer or audience? Some know and some don't. Do I have identity on the Mudcat? I don't know and don't care.

Oh and I joined in late 2000, just abut the time that moineau nordique says the Mudcat went downhill. I do not take responsibility for that. [Grin]