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Posted By: Chip2447
09-Jan-03 - 09:18 PM
Thread Name: BS: Veterans Would Mudcat hook you in today?
Subject: RE: BS: Veterans Would Mudcat hook you in today?
My first post as a memeber was 13Mar01, does that make me a veteran? Prolly not, although I had lurked, dropping in on occassion for probably 18 months before that.
    It looks like I have made some 365 posts to date, that averages better than 1 every 2 days, (that really surprises me) mostly to BS, FICTION, OR MUDCAT TAVERNS Threads. Does that qualify me as veteran? NAH dont tink so.
    Hellsbells, I can't compare musically with probablly 95%(giving myself the benefit of the doubt here)of the gifted musicians and songwriters that we have here at the Cat.
    I can't contribute musically, certainly not historically, even rarer still insightful, thought provoking words. Maybe I can instill a little humour from time to time.
    What drew me here in the first place would draw me here today, Knowledge, humour, friendship, though I've never met any of you, nor have I seemed to have stricken up those lifelong and life changing friendships that some of you speak of. I have found a certain commradrie amonst you folks, and would love to f2f most of of you at some point in time.
    Veteran or newbie it doesn't matter, I'm here, until my considerable curiousty is sated or time and tide draw me elsewhere.

Chip2447(who usually tries to inject something in the parenthises)