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Posted By: Amos
09-Jan-03 - 09:12 PM
Thread Name: BS: Veterans Would Mudcat hook you in today?
Subject: RE: BS: Veterans Would Mudcat hook you in today?
Guest, I feel, and have always said, that your point is erroneous. There is no battle between named members and guests as such. There is always a battle between the straightforward and the underhanded, between those who wish to converse with their best minds and those who wish to merely upset or decry or drag down, and that battle is reflected here. It happens that, more often than not, those who are so motivated are also unwilling to use even a virtual identity. Instead they use anonymity so they don't have to see themselves later.

So the two issues get mixed up, I think, but the real battle is not between members and guests -- it is between people who seek to communicate (bring about some degree of unferstanding, exchange viewpoints) and those who really want to undermine or destroy communication.