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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
07-Jan-03 - 02:39 PM
Thread Name: BS: Veterans Would Mudcat hook you in today?
Subject: RE: BS: Veterans Would Mudcat hook you in today?
It doesn't take long to be an old-timer here.

The truth is everybody is a newcomer in terms of the kind of time we have iut in the wider (or is it narrower) world. All this is just teething troubles. Every time a new tooth breaks through it starts again.

There are more of us around than there were a few years ago, and more people who have been around a bit longer than others, and that's one source of aggro, because the same questions keep coming up, and some people seem to mind that.

And for people who've been posting a few years, some of the novelty has worn off, obviously, and the long-sought songs have been found.

But if I found it again tomorrow for the first time, I'd be whooping with joy, and I'm grateful every day for it. Songs and arguments, what a great combination. And help when anybody needs it, and people who understand what you're talking about when, for example you feel like talking about someone you admire who has just died, as has happened pretty often this year, and will happen more often as we grown older.

It goes round and round in circles, up and down, but that's the way wheels work, and that don't mean the old wagon isn't trundling along going God knows where, and I'm happy to come along for the ride.