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Posted By: RiGGY
11-Jun-99 - 10:19 PM
Thread Name: Ginny bought me a Goodall guitar today!
Subject: RE: Ginny bought me a Goodall guitar today!
Hello Bark !!

Wonderful for you !!

I remember you from San Francisco & that Jessica Ruby Simpson [ who could have at LEAST bought Martin a Goodall ] was the person who christened you Bark Woof. [ True ??] Was it then to Portland for you ??

I went thru the Santa Cruz/ Collings/ Froggy Bottom investigations, too. Particularly liked the service I got at Steve Swan's SC-centric shop in Kensington. Ended up buying a Martin HD28-VR at Gryphon, which was a love affair that faded in a few short months. No regrets though. I've just chosen to completely focus on English Concertina, and even "play guitar" on it. Happier & a LOT easier on the hands & especially fingertips. When I WAS shopping for guitars I told the salesfolk I was MUCH more interested in the TACTILE over the TONAL. [ selfish me !] How's the Goodall feel after 2 hours ? I forgot whatcher style is/was. But most happy to meetcha in a place like THIS !! RiGGY