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Posted By: John Hardly
06-Jan-03 - 12:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: Veterans Would Mudcat hook you in today?
Subject: RE: BS: Veterans Would Mudcat hook you in today?
I've been here (off and on) for 2.5 years. I've learned lots from the collective musical knowledge here (and learned whose knowledge of music is best ignored).

I learned rather early on that mine was a voice best checked at the door where technical musical information was concerned. My "Folk" music knowledge is about as old as my CD/LP collection -- lots of "folk rock" and everything recorded by Tony Rice, Tim O'Brien, NGR, NBB, songwriters from David Mallett to Carter/Grammer, Pettis, Booth, Wilcox, Gilbert, Mabus, Booth,etc..... but no Stanley Bros, no obscure Jim and Jesse or Big Mon LPs in my closet. I had little to offer but a chord chart here and there and lyric or two -- but most of those requests were for things that predate my experience.

My "creative writing" always falls down a deep well of disinterest here because.....well, when you have really good creative writers like jenEllen, Amos, LJ, PeterT, kat (sorry to leave others out -- I know it kinda hurts, but chalk it up to how little I read here any more, not the level of your writing!), one should approach the "submit" button with humility and trepidation. I have posted lots of this kind of thing (more "creative writing") on the 'Cat in the past year because -- response be damned, I got the wild idea in my head that, given what I thought was a community with strong intent on its long-term survival, this might be a good place to "store" some pieces I had written for another forum that had decided to clear out all its old files. Selfish li'l bastard, ain't I?

I learned that Mudcat is not a social club/outlet for me. I came in after the social structure of what passes for a community here was set. Whatever contributionn I may have been capable of adding to the mix (socially) was already ably handled. Took a while and a few hurt feelings (me being overly sensitive) to finally grasp that.

Like others, I am sometimes disappointed at just how frighteningly small the pool of contributors has become -- not just here, but in internet forums. I fear they are fast becoming the domain of a class of more educated, but socially inhibited, or otherwise limited missfits. Kind of a high-tech Loserville.

So, yes, I'd probably still log on.....but I'd just like to think that I could do so with the lessons already learned.....not starting all over.'s mighty hard to just stay away *BG*