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Posted By: Art Thieme
26-Dec-02 - 06:32 PM
Thread Name: Art Theime's Roving Gambler
Subject: RE: Art Theime's Roving Gambler
Good people, I used to toss all kinds oif comic relief into my shows because so many of my songs were about sad topics ---classically tragic songs. Those were the songs I wanted to thrust forward----the ones with the best tales within---and the songs that had the most to show us. But the story you're looking for involved a gambler who turned just about everything he did into a wager. I'm missing part of it I think.
Anyhow, he knocked on the door. "Are you the widow Yates?" She answers, "I'm Yates, bit I ain't no widow." He says. "I got twenty bucks that says you are !"

Another one I sometimes tossed between the verses of this song in loud bars like Somebody Else's Troubles (just to focus folks attention a bit better, don't ya know) is this one:

A nun walking down the street found a twenty dollar bill. She went back to the convent thinking over how she might spend it, Looking out her window, she sees an old hobo lurching down the street, one shoe on and one shoe off---one foot in the gutter and the other on the curb---just looking for cigarette butts. She sighs once or twice, writes a not to the fellow that says, "Don't despair, ---- Sister Mary"----and she puts the money with the note and tosses it out the window to the guy. He picks it up, reads the note, waves and heads on down the street.-------------- A week later there comes a knock on the door of that convent. It was that same guy with 120.00 for Sister Mary. Don't Despair came in a six to one.

I do hope this helps. Nice to know that stuff is still floatin' 'round out there.

Art Thieme