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Posted By: CapriUni
25-Dec-02 - 01:40 PM
Thread Name: Pagan thoughts on 'Santa Claus'
Subject: RE: Pagan thoughts on 'Santa Claus'
Very interesting theory, LH, except for the fact that 'Claus himself (in all his guises) only promised one elf-made toy, one orange and one handful of nuts to each good recipient -- and one birch branch for each bad recipient.

And the E.L.F-G.L.O (Elven Labor Foundation - Global Light Orgainization) does not trade on any of the world's stock markets.

And as for the other items distributed, well, Oranges, Nuts and Birch Branches really do grow on trees.

Now, as for the excess, I believe the blame really does lie with the capitalists like those early Coca-Cola executives. After all, they endeavored to change 'Claus's coat color to red instead of green, because they believed (and still do believe, it seems) that only money should bear that color, and that they should be in control of it...