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Posted By: Nerd
20-Dec-02 - 11:19 PM
Thread Name: BS: Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets film
Subject: RE: BS: Harry Potter & the C of S

Chris Columbus in Entertainment Weekly:

"People seem to think I had JK Rowling standing over my head with a sledgehammer, which was not the case. She left us alone--and she's done it again on this picture."

So I would guess that, no, JKR is not up to her eyeballs in writing the screenplays of these movies. Movie companies usually buy the rights to make movies out of novels, and then produce their own screenplays using professional screenwriters, rather than hiring novelists to write the screenplays. There are exceptions (Mario Puzo, etc), but I'm fairly sure from the above and other things I've read that she is not at all involved in drafting the screenplays. Steven Kloves wrote the screenplay for HP&COS.

In Hollywood, it is often the case that a lot of people, including the credited writer, other uncredited writers, the producer, the director, the editor, and the actors have some influence on the words that are said on screen. This tends to make an individual writer with a secret LESS likely to get that secret on the screen; at very least she, the director and the editor would have had to know why the scene was so important, or it would have ended up on the proverbial cutting-room floor. I seriously doubt she would be willing to tell them.

None of this means Hagrid won't die, but I seriously doubt this movie of book 2 is eulogizing a character who in any case can't die until book 5--three movies from now. It would make more sense to eulogize him in Goblet of Fire, if indeed he is to be eulogized before his death.

I do think Robbie C. is an excellent Hagrid; it was just that the image I had in my head had always been Billy Connolly. But if Rowling was thinking of Robbie Coltrane, he was obviously the man to play it!