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Posted By: Cluin
18-Dec-02 - 11:42 PM
Thread Name: BS: Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets film
Subject: RE: BS: Harry Potter &the C of S
Finally saw this one a couple of nights ago. Pretty damn good, even if "Chamber of Secrets" was my least favourite of the books.

So of course the topic came up afterwards: Who will be cast as Dumbledore next. Peter O'Toole naturally was the first name that cropped up. Maybe because he's Irish too?

Others were: Sean Connery (interesting, but doubtful), Albert Finney, Christopher Plummer (THAT could work), John Thaw, Patrick Stewart (eeehhhh, I don't know `bout that one..), Ian McKellen (tho' that's pretty unlikely), Derek Jacobi (even more so), Charlton Heston (hahahahahaha), Wilford Brimley (got silly then).

And from there, it went to who could you see as Sirius Black? Russell Crowe? Sean Bean? Jeremy Northam? Clive Owen? Robert Carlyle? (not sure that could work) Personally, I'd like to see Liam Neeson in that role. Just don't get Mel Gibson, man.

What I want to know is where would you cast Rowan Atkinson? As Pettigrew, maybe?

It's all pretty Caucasian though, isn't it? I wonder if they could make Black black?