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Posted By: BH
02-Dec-02 - 06:33 PM
Thread Name: Folk Music On PBS
Subject: RE: Folk Music On PBS
For what it is worth---I thought the show was pure "crap".

That said, I have to admit that some of those groups were what turned people---me included-- on to "folk" music---though, as it turns out they were really '5os and '60s commercial music that sold---and sold because of one of the groups that could not be represented---The Weavers. In hindsight--they were also commercial but with a difference once they left the Gordon Jenkins aegis.   Now I am getting too pedantic.

As to PBS. It is the annual---or it seems the almost daily shell game they play.   The Fund Raiser---present what they perceive the people want---then do their real quality programming in non fundraising times. Perhaps for truth in Advtsg they should do Nova, Frontline,etc; specials and pitch for that.

As to the filmed Audience: A standing ovation for every performer who graced the stage.   Perhaps they might have given one for the Brothers Four's bad toupees. That was pathetic.

I must say I pledged nada.   For my local NPR station I do---at least their fundraising is an honest presentation of what they do---as is the station I am affiliated with---like it or not this is what we do--that is our statement. You pledge for what you get.

And on radio you cannot see the bad wigs either.

PBS, sadly, wants to be everything to everyone. Does not work.

Bill Hahn