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Posted By: jimmyt
02-Dec-02 - 05:38 PM
Thread Name: Folk Music On PBS
Subject: RE: Folk Music On PBS
I also saw the show and was, I admit, a bit disappointed, as I also am when I have seen the old Do-woppers, a little sad, however, I think we need to keep in mind, that , Damn, people, these folks in both shows are getting a little old. WHat do you want to do with them, take them out and shoot them just because they happen to be getting a little long in the tooth? Oh yes, perhaps this music wasn't exactly "protesty enough" to suit some of you, perhaps some of these folks haven't "made any contributions"since the 60's, but they did make them then, and I for one, enjoy that type of music, as I do many many other types. If I had a chance to go hear a nostalgia group that I had liked back in the 60's I would probably do it, but I would also go hear a young singer-songwriter. Would I be a little disappointed at the nostalgia group? maybe, but hey, not every singer songwriter happens to be setting the woods on fire either. I suspect that the reason they put these shows on is that people...maybe not as "sophisticated musically"as you, but people, like to watch them. I imagine most folks are a little disappointed deep down, but they are still the ones who did the music in 1962 or whenever, and I think a lot of folks are willing to cut them a break and say, hey, he's not as young as he used to be. I play this music all the time to lots of audiences who are tickled to death to hear old weary old songs like Greenback Dollar and Tom Dooley. LOTS of folks (is it OK if I use the word folk here?) enjoyed Kingston Trio, Limeliters, Peter Paul and Mary. It was deep enough for them, although maybe a little too "commercial" for the folk masses, it beat Living Strings in 1964.