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Posted By: Genie
02-Dec-02 - 12:17 PM
Thread Name: Folk Music On PBS
Subject: RE: Folk Music On PBS
Ballyholme, Yeah, one criterion for inclusion was ...chart success in the 50s/60s. But, as Geordie said, most of them have not contributed anything since. (Are
the Brothers Four and the Highwaymen still working as musicians?)   Collins and the Smotherses were there as much as emcees as they were performers.

Badly dated, poorly performed and offered nothing but the most cyncical aspects of nostalgia, yes. The emcees even admitted that they couldn't get some of the
bigger names like Baez to appear on the show. (Where were PP&M, Dylan, Paxton, Ian & Sylvia [or just Ian Tyson], Joni Mitchell, etc? As Rick hinted, it almost
seemed like most of the performers who can still draw an audience commercially declined to do the show. Many of them, we were told repeatedly, are on
the CD set that you get for a big donation.) But if this kind of show what brings in pledges from the great masses who loved the KT and tuned out "folk music" as
soon as the Beatles came on the scene, fine. PBS needs viewer support. It still beats what's on most network and cable shows.

I enjoyed watching it, but the only thing I taped was that Limelighters song, and I'm saving my pledge for another show, another time. I already have pretty much
all the music from this show in my collection of tapes and records.