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Posted By: BuckMulligan
02-Dec-02 - 12:07 PM
Thread Name: Folk Music On PBS
Subject: RE: Folk Music On PBS
Agree about the excessive focus on the audience, but then, that's the point of the shows PBS has been doing for years now at pledge time (PP&M, DooWop, etc.) - trying to get the old farts at home (me, e.g.) to identify with the old farts in the hall, and shell out so the network can keep bringing us our youth back, or at least reminding us of it. Y'know, I'm not altogether sure any of those groups were any better in 1962 than they are now. Maybe we were a lot less sophisticated and discerning then - I know I was certainly more forgiving and enthusiastic about music that wasn't "Doggie in the Window" and Perry Como.