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Posted By: raredance
28-Nov-02 - 11:41 PM
Thread Name: Draft Dodging Songs?
Subject: RE: Draft Dodging Songs?
Here's one from the opposite viewpoint of most of those above. It has been suggested that it was written in a German prison during WWII.

(tune: Utah Carl)

I'm writing this short letter,
And every word is true,
Don't look away, draft dodger,
For it's addressed to you.

You feel at ease and in no danger,
Back in your home town,
You've cokked up some pitiful story
So the draft board would let you down.

You never think of real men,
Who leave home every day,
You think only of their girlfriends
You can take when they're away

You sit at home and read your paper,
you jump and yell, "We'll win!"
Just where do you get that "we" stuff?
This war will be one by men.

Well, that's all, Mr. Slacker,
I suppose your face is red?
America is no place for your kind,
And I mean every word.

So in closing, Dear Draft Dodger,
Just remember what I say --
Keep away from my girl, you dirty bum,
For I'm coming home someday.

(spoken): Sincerely yours, A. Kriegie

source: The Wild Blue Yonder: Songs of the Air Force - C.W. Getz (1981 Redwood Press)

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