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Posted By: Jim McLean
28-Nov-02 - 04:42 PM
Thread Name: Draft Dodging Songs?
Subject: RE: Draft Dodging Songs?
This is a song I wrote after being imprisoned in Barlinnie Gaol, Glasgow, in 1957 after registering as a concientous objector. I didn't agree with the British involvement in Egypt at the time or much else, come to think about it.


To stay out of trouble and keep your nose clean,
You must go to church, sing 'God Save The Queen'
Short back and sides, you know what I mean,
Be British! (or American)

I'll tell you what happened to a pal of mine,
Who didn't believe in war or crime,
But he found out if you want to GET some time,
Ask a policeman!

He wouldn't fight and he wouldn't run,
Didn't want to hold no army gun,
So they put him in jail, called him a cowardly bum!

The warden took him to his place,
Where a wooden board filled a corner space,
But no white sheets nor fancy lace,
He was a CONVICT!

A guy in the same cell was kicking up a fuss,
He said he was only waiting for a bus,
When the cops came along and done him for 'sus'
'Suspicion' they call it; 12 months pokey!

He cursed and he swore and he kicked up a row,
'Cause he didn't have no screwin tools on him anyhow,
But the cops put a jemmy in his pocket and said,
'You got one now!' NO chance.

Well my conchy pal did his time without hate,
He reckoned all he had to do was wait ---- and wait,
And then he got out -- but they turned him at the gate!
Another charge, remission gone!

Well they tried to break him, they told him he was sick,
They tried to break him with many a kick,
But he just laughed, he ain't that thick!
And now he's out,
Clear conscience,
Freedom Fifgter,

Jim McLean