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02-Jun-99 - 08:13 AM
Thread Name: Learning to play guitar
Subject: RE: Learning to play guitar
There was a long thread on the some time ago which dealt with how "world class" guitarists (Segovia, Bream, Williams, etc.) were able to deal with other types of music. The conclusion was: not that good. The example that sticks in my mind is where Williams put a sponge under the strings near the bridge to get the effect blues players get by muting the strings with the palm of their hand. Now Garry, I am sure his teachers had curricula comming falling out of their pockets; but was he taught to do things properly?

I remember many years ago, my wife played (violin) in a symphony orchestra. During one concert I sat next to the mother of one of the clarinet players and I said that I had seen Benny Goodman play with the Philadelphia Orchestra once and really liked his playing. She said she had heard a record by him and thought he just didn't have the technique. When I told her that he had received classical training, she reconsidered.