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Posted By: GUEST,Chris Cooke
16-Nov-02 - 11:57 AM
Thread Name: Help: Meaning of Six White Horses
Subject: RE: Help: Meaning of Six White Horses
What I find shocking is that no one has perceived the sexual interpretation of this song, as to me it seems quite clear. I am not talking about an adapted version sung by rugby players but the unaltered song. When she comes, it will not be gently, she'll be coming round the montain. When she comes, it will be so powerful she will be riding six white horses, white being a refence to the fact it will be the first time she has an orgasm as she is a virgin. Perhaps the song was originally about how virgin womens' first sexual experiences are very powerful, and as it is very catchy and easy to improvise to, everyone can make up their own verses, meaning the verses that have been memorised, have only had this done because they seemed good by whoever they were passed on to. Over the years different people with different views have added different verses, and it cannot be assumed the version we hear now was put together as a complete song. I feel that the rythym and some of the ideas are taken from "When the Chariot Comes" but it doesn't have to have the same meaning, as its too similar and thus would seem a waste of making a new song of it, unless its tone was humourous. I am not so confident about this, but the pink pyjamas may be a reference to the fact that it will be very pleasurable for the man as well, pink as an erotic colour??? Perhaps it means as soon as a woman consumates sexual intercourse, she become powerfully and obviously sexual in her behaviour, it is a revolutionary change in a woman's life.