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Posted By: Barbara Shaw
12-Nov-02 - 10:30 AM
Thread Name: Rick Fielding in Branford, CT again!!
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding in Branford, CT again!!
I'm already looking forward to the next time in Branford. Maybe we can work out some kind of dormitory thing for the long-distance bunch. Mick, Heather gave a detailed description of your legendary hugs. Jeri, you shoulda come anyway and just invited yourself to my couch. Sandy & Caroline, stop working so hard and take time for some fun. Jerry & Ruth, you could have gone straight to the gig from my house! (Hope it went well).

Interesting to hear "vintage" and then "the Shaws" and then "old-time" in close proximity in Rick's post. Good thing I'm too old to be sensitive! Speaking of old (not), we did one version of Red-Haired Boy at the jam which started out slow and then kicked up to KILLER FAST. My buddies had never heard this kind of guitar part, because it's usually me on guitar doing Red-Haired Minuet, but this time it was me on bass and Mr. Fielding himself on guitar. The oldster who is "gonna be 57(!!)" showed everyone how it's done, while the lady on bass was gasping for air.

One more thing. Rick, what the heck was that thing you put on Frank's guitar to turn it into a Dobro? Do you make them? Do you sell them? Folks, you wouldn't believe the sound coming out of that instrument, all because of some metal thing on the neck. Or was it because of the fingers working the strings and slide?