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Posted By: Charley Noble
09-Nov-02 - 04:28 PM
Thread Name: Songs on homelessness: faith perspective
Subject: RE: Songs on homelessness: faith perspective
"Hard Times Come Again No More" by Stephen Foster does merit serious consideration. But who is this program being presented to? To your congregation, to some group that wants to do something about homelessness, to the homeless themselves, or all of the above? I'm not sure you've been very clear on that.

Here's another one from the Mudcat threads that vividly described the homelessness, and empathy for the homeless:

Homeless Brother

I was walkin' by the graveyard last Friday night
I heard somebody yellin', it sounded like a fight
It was just a drunken hobo, dancin' circles in the night
Pourin' whisky on the headstones in the blue moonlight;
So often have I wondered where their sorrows cannot show
Where the police cannot find them, where the wanted man can go;
There's freedom when you're walkin' even though you're walkin' slow

Smash your bottle on the gravestone and live while you can,
That homeless brother is my friend.

It's hard to be a pack rat, it's hard to be a 'bo,
But livin's so much harder where the heartless people go;
Somewhere the dogs are barking and the children seem to know
That Jesus on the highway was a lost hobo;
And they hear the holy silence of the temples in the hill
And they see the ragged tatters as another kind of frill
And they envy him the sunshine and they pity him the chill
And they're sad to do their living for some other kind of thrill.


Somewhere there was a woman, somewhere there was a child,
Somewhere there was a cottage where the marigolds grew wild;
But somewhere's just like nowhere, when you leave it for a while
You'll find the broken hearted when you're travelin' jungle style;
Down the bowels of a broken land where numbers live like men
Where those who keep their senses have them taken back again
Where the night stick cracks with crazy rage
Where mad men don't pretend
Where wealth has no beginning and poverty no end.


The ghosts of highway royalty have vanished in the night
The Whitman wanderer walking toward a glowing inner light
The children have grown older and the cops have gripped us tight
There's no spot 'round the melting pot for free men in their flight;
And you who live on promises and prosper as you please
The victim of your riches often dies of your disease
He can't hear the factory whistle, just the lonesome freight train's wheeze
He's livin' on good fortune, he ain't dyin' on his knees.

Smash your bottle on the gravestone and live while you can
That homeless brother is my friend.
That homeless brother is my friend.

"It's a long song, typing with two fingers. I took it from the sleeve of the album 'Homeless Brother' from 1974. By the way, what's a Whitman wanderer?"

Landlady's Daughter