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Posted By: GUEST,Taliesn
09-Oct-02 - 11:16 AM
Thread Name: Tuner for blind musicians
Subject: RE: Tuner for blind musicians
(quoth the MacGrath )
"Laziness is the foundation of all technology, from the Stone Age to the 21st century."

Oh this is just plain 21st-century-challenged Ludditine bushwah,balderdash, and cockpoppy in spades.

Ham-handedly obvious case in point :
Yeah right, cavemen "invented" caves rahter design and "build" their own shelters. Suggesting perhaps that our author is aware of evolution being different in pre-industrial England .
Forgive me for letting rip with a right ribald hardy-har har. ;-)

I suppose sailing ship engineering ( which made the British Empire possible) was a labor-saving technolgical system.
Any villiage idiot should know that the reason for the lionshrae of technolgy was, and continue to be , to *extend* human capability through opposing-thumb celebrating instrumentailites.

Perhaps this concept is lost on them whose knuckles still graze the pavement in spite of the inention of the "pocket".

My gawd, this was "supposed" to be the 21st centiury where most literate people "get it" by now.