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Posted By: JohnInKansas
08-Oct-02 - 09:04 AM
Thread Name: Tuner for blind musicians
Subject: RE: Tuner for blind musicians
A quick look at the usual sites for aids doesn't turn up anything. This doesn't appear to be a commonly found item.

It should be fairly simple to "hot-wire" an existing tuner to make one sound when the high "red" light is on, and another when the low light is on, but most tuners show the green light when you're at any note within their range. You also have to know which note you're close to.

To be useful to a blind musician, it would seem that you should be able to generate each of the six guitar string pitches individually, and compare each generated pitch to what the corresponding string is doing. The comparison could be done with a fairly simple "beat frequency" output audio signal.

The required circuitry is "conceptually simple;" but unfortunately, making such a device work usually involves a significant amount of "cut and try" - with some additional effort to make something that will survive long enough to make it worth building.

Perhaps the simplest solution would be for your friend to carry a spare banjo player - just to tune his guitar. Or as one acquaintance does - he always asks to try someone else's guitar, and hopes they'll tune his while they've got it. Hasn't had his own tuner in years.