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Posted By: Ron Olesko
04-Oct-02 - 09:28 AM
Thread Name: Radio Ballads (MacColl/Parker)
Subject: RE: Radio Ballads (MacColl/Parker)
Yes, Lomax produced something similar. From the examples I heard they weren't exactly radio ballads, more of a documentary approach. Lomax would gather musicians and create a narrative that wrapped around the music.    One example that stands out was the Christmas program that he produced in 1957. It is remarkable for the coordination and timing. There were a number of studios across Great Britian and Ireland that were linked together as remotes. Listening to the recording of the broadcast, one would think that it was done from the same studio. Technically the remotes matched perfectly and there were no flubs that one would expect from such a ambitious and live broadcast. Even with all the technological advances, I doubt that a similar "event" could be produced as well today.

Another radio project that I remember hearing (on tape of course!) was a "play" of the Hatfields and the McCoys that featured a cast including Woody Guthrie.   

Alan Lomax's father also had a radio series in the 1940's that examined folk music and culture.

There have been re-issues of some of Alan Lomax's work on Rounder Records, and I think John Lomax's programs may also be available through collectors. Topic also has re-issued the MacColl/Seeger/Parker Radio Ballads.   I belive Camsco carries all of them.