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Posted By: Art Thieme
01-Oct-02 - 11:24 PM
Thread Name: Radio Ballads (MacColl/Parker)
Subject: RE: BS: Radio Ballads
There have been programs like that here in the U.S. but not a long series of documentary and music combined in quite the same way as in the Radio Ballads. CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) had a couple of shows "The Legend Of Annie Christmas" and "Robin Hood". There was one show called "Back Where I Come From" done by Clifton Fadiman, John Henry Faulk and others on CBS.----Along the way there were many individual folk radio shows over the many years of the revival that would have, in themselves, individually, come up to the standards of what was done in the U.K.   In Chicago some of the things Syuds Terkel did on WFMT-FM radio were absolutely brilliant. The same goes for my great friend George Armstrong's long-running radio shows series called The Wandering Folksong --- also on WFMT. Paul Stamler's shows in St. Louis-----Judy Rose's series for Wisconsin Public Radio called "Wisconsin Patchwork" was a many weeks long series of programs taken from Helene Stratman Thomas' and Peter Draves' folksong collecting work in that unique and quite wonderful Northern state back in the 1940s. In the U.K. many of Roy Harris's shows from Nottingham (I think) were definitely of this caliber. Bruce U. Utah Phillips series out of California called "Loafer's Glory" (recently put on hold---a travesty---for lack of funds) on occasion rose to the standard. Granted, even Rick Fielding and Ron Olesko and Mike Regenstreif, and Rich Warren, Kathy Kelly and Sue Kessel in Chi. and --- other modern folk D.J.s have, every so often, quit being just record spinners snd created something that, when heard, hit you with an impact rivalling an M1 slug in Viet Nam rice paddy. Instantly, you knew you were lucky to be there when true ART was created and sent through the ether. Those Radio Ballads of Ewan's were classics----but I've been hearing stuff that came close or exceeded those for the last 450 years or so. And what a privilege it has truly been.

I made a typo in the above sentence. It should read "50 years" and not "450". So please, don't anybody tell me it means I'm antisemantic. ;-)
(That's a reference to the Bennet Zukofsky thread.)

Art Thieme