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Posted By: Little Hawk
01-Oct-02 - 08:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: Patriotism -- what is it?
Subject: RE: BS: Patriotism -- what is it?
McGrath - Yeah. Mother India is the queen of them all, I think. The Divine Mother is an enormously important archetype in India.

Let's face it, it's hard to deny the existence and worth of approximately one half of the human race, isn't it? It is possible to put that half in a somewhat disempowered position though, God knows...and invent a bunch of social myths to justify it. Then it's possible to have a backlash to that in which some members of the disadvantaged group get such a big chip on their shoulders about having been "wronged" as to become totally obnoxious. Anybody seen that happen??? I've seen it happen bigtime, with regard to race, religion, gender, and so on.

I would say that equality is the cornerstone of a just society, and that includes gender-based equality. So the ideal is to be neither matriarchal or patriarchal but to achieve a harmonious balance between the the point where it would no longer even be an issue whether a political candidate, let's say, was a male or a more than it should be an issue whether they are of one or another religion or race. The question is, what is their personal nature and what are their beliefs, capabilities and intentions?

In other words, look beyond the mask of surface appearances.

- LH