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Posted By: GUEST
24-Sep-02 - 08:09 PM
Thread Name: Help: Banjo - newbie buying tips wanted
Subject: buying tips wanted
Jon W hs it right about personal preferences but these Asian makers are no fools and never have been.

They know that given a certain budget that using alloy or bakelite can produce an instrument that in many ways will out perform wood.

They know the manufacturing costs and know that they could not produce lets say a 3/4" maple rim for an instrument that would be retailed at lets say $200.

There will be cross over points in terms of materials and quality but they put alternative constructions such as alloy instruments out at certain price ranges for no other reason than they believe they can offer a better product in that price bracket.

It is more a case of clever engineering than anything else. Perhaps another case for the "blindfold test".