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Posted By: Ron Olesko
24-Sep-02 - 04:19 PM
Thread Name: BS: Traveller Discrimination in the USA
Subject: RE: BS: Traveller Discrimination in the USA

It isn't the reporting, it is the "expert" that shows bias. However, it still isn't the core of this issue. In this country there are laws established to protect the welfare of the child. It is very true that the laws can be excessive and a child can pulled from a parent under suspicion of abuse... and that goes for a parent of any hue or nationality.

As for your reference to a "black American" slapping her child, if that parent was wanted on drug charges wouldn't a drug expert comment? It seems that Toogood had at least two outstanding warrants and skipped a hearing. Hmmm, wouldn't this seem to justify speaking to an "expert"? The problem hear is that the police are the ones manipulating the media. If they feed the media information about warrants and "travelers", the media tries to get answers to questions that we all have. If you read this thread you will see that many were not aware that Travelers exist in this country.

By the way Larry, if you check your last sentence it looks like you made the same mistakes. You stated "The contention that all travellers are rich is nonsence, that they are all involved is liable, that you interview anti Fraud cops about a child slapping case is discrimination. " Well if you read the article that you posted, there is no assumption made that ALL Travelers are rich nor that all were involved. The facts that you quoted do mention her history of being involved in fraud cases so yes, it is justified and no it is not discrimination.

Of course there is discrimination and it is wrong, but lets not start fires where none existed before.