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Posted By: Ron Olesko
24-Sep-02 - 03:38 PM
Thread Name: BS: Traveller Discrimination in the USA
Subject: RE: BS: Traveller Discrimination in the USA
Nerd, if you considered what you saw a "smack" I am shocked. If you received similar "smacks" as a child, you were abused. What we saw on videotape was not a "smack". Perhaps your set needs some adjustment, or a dose of reality.

I still disagree with you about the marks and I've met victims of spousal abuse who tell you the same, but again you miss the point. The child was not hurt but the blows could have caused serious damage. If I pull out a gun and pull the trigger but the bullet misses you, does that mean I wasn't trying to kill you? Would you be crying "poor Ron, another guy from NJ being singled out for something he didn't do?" No harm, no foul does not work in this case.

Also, thank you for jumping on my mistake of saying that you can catch intent on videotape. I guess your eyes are pretty good!