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Posted By: Keevan6
24-Sep-02 - 03:03 AM
Thread Name: BS: Traveller Discrimination in the USA
Subject: RE: Traveller Discrimination in the USA an American, I try to be as open minded as I can about the concerns and feelings of our bretheren and compatriots from other countries. So I ask you to try to keep in mind(hopefully with an open heart) not to judge all of us Americans by what you see and hear from our government, and press. The American government and press have (in my opinion) formed themselves into some kind of beast of their own devising, and they often do not agree with most of the American people. It seems to me lately, that the government and the presses are hell bent on pursuing their own agendas, and do not care what many Americans think or feel. Oh they make a big show of pretending to be concerned about the needs of the many, but in reality they ultimately do what they think is "good for the people" instead of putting it to a vote of the people. Instead of a Democracy "for the people, by the people.", it has sorta warped itself into "for the government, by the government."