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Posted By: mack/misophist
24-Sep-02 - 01:22 AM
Thread Name: BS: Traveller Discrimination in the USA
Subject: RE: Traveller Discrimination in the USA
My mother had an uncontrollable temper and so I was an 'abused' child. I don't think it has made me any more violent as an adult. Even though I must admit that, at the age of 15, I came within an inch of killing her. But that was self protection. And furthermore, although she was always excessive and violent, there were many times when I deserved SOME kind of punishment. The majority of people who ever lived had corporeal punishment as children. Most of them did OK. One last point, psychology is not and CANNOT EVER BE a science as practiced today. Remember, these are the ones who insisted 'recovered memory syndrome' was real. And falsely sent dozens of people to prison; the ones who murdered a little girl 'rebirthing' her.