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Posted By: dick greenhaus
15-Sep-02 - 04:20 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Makin' Weapons
Subject: Makin' Weapons
(Les Barker)

Another day,
Another state,
One more unstable
He's unelected
And he's suspected
Of makin' weapons.

A jar of germs,
A lot of gas,
You talk destruction;
He's talking mass;
It's really killing
That he's so willing
To make weapons.

Whose is the voice we hear
Threatening to attack?
Could it be North Korea?
Maybe it's just Iraq.

An evil axis
All by himself;
He's raising taxes
To spend on stealth;
No education
Or health; his nation
Is makin' weapons.

He's making weapons
To drop on states
For making weapons;
Such reprobates;
It seems to thrill 'em;
We'd better kill 'em
For making weapons.

He's always right;
He was before
In Vietnam,
El Salvador;
You mention Chile
In vain, for still he
Is makin' weapons.

Never attack the wealthy;
Always go for the poor;
Always attack the symptoms;
Never attempt the cure.
Appoint the judge
And you can't fail;
Where are the crooks?
They're not in jail;
Down by the rushes
A bunch of Bushes
Are makin' weapons.